Saturday, September 13, 2008


photo by Daesha Harris

So we were up at this place called buffalo jump, which is sacred Yute Indian land. This is  were they used to chase buffalo and make them jump over a huge ass cliff. As if falling 50 feet wasn't bad enough, at the bottom were the women waiting with sticks and clubs to finish off the job. they don't play around.  Anyway we were up at this spot looking around and saw that there  is now water at the bottom of the cliffs. Probably from snow melt and rain.  After a few minutes of chilling we started to see these creepy ass half rat, half fish looking thing start coming to the surface of the water. What the.... these things were the gnarliest fucking things i have ever seen. So us being us, we decided that at whatever cost we were going to catch one of these bastards and lay claim to finding a new breed of amphibian. well, 2 days of blood, sweat and tears, Daesha sewing a net out of a ripped up screen and my brother patiently waiting in 6 inches of mud lead to our victorious catch..... only to find out that it was a mud puppy! What is that you ask? I have know idea. Unfortunately for us though, those have already been discovered by some other dick with to much free time on his hands. oh well!